Elk Composite Decking

Low Maintenance

The beauty of Elk composite decking materials is that they offer the appearance of wood products while requiring considerably less maintenance. Elk composite decking materials usually require only a simple wash once or twice a year, depending on how it has been used, while wood needs to be cleaned and resealed almost every year.

Building a boat dock with Elk composite decking could be considered an effort in frugality, as its life span and much lower maintenance cost provides a quality, stable product that you can install and basically forget.  Elk composite decking is secured with the company’s EZ-Build ™ concealed fasteners which do not show and are ideal in an environment where bare feet are a daily occurrence.


Among the benefits of Elk composite decking are:

  • its ability to resist sagging and splintering
  • its reduced tendency to warp in a wet environment compared to wood
  • it will not rot
  • it will not attract insects 
  • spans can be as wide as 24” on center due to its rigidity
  • it uses no toxic chemicals

Elk composite decking is available in four neutral colors to blend well into just about any environment. In the end, its initial cost is far offset by its years of maintenance free service.

ContractorsElk Composite Decking

You can be certain if a contractor is using Elk composite decking, under the trade name of CrossTimbers, they have been scrutinized by Elk Building Products thoroughly. The company only accepts qualified contractors with a clean record from the Better Business Bureau, a background check, and is fully insured.

The decking division was recently added to the suppliers’ list and they offer Elk composite decking in a variety of designs and colors to satisfy just about every taste. They also offer a 20-year-warranty on their Elk composite decking products.

Elk composite decking contractors can offer homeowners numerous benefits and incentives through Elk Products. They can receive reward points or benefit the homeowner with warranty add-ons to make the purchase and installation of Elk composite decking an even better bargain.


The additional warranty is a limited warranty but still provides excellent customer benefits not often found in competitors’ products. The company’s website offers a view of their products and shows how the four colors will change over time due to weathering. They also will put homeowners in touch with qualified contractors to ensure the best possible price on their products.








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