Hardwood Decking

Choose Hardwood Decking For Style

Hardwood decking should be considered by anyone who would like to improve their yard with a fantastic looking and hard-wearing deck.  Hardwood decking, unlike traditional wooden decks such as cedar decking, is naturally resistant to insect infestation, rotting and decay.  Because of the strength of hardwood decking, special working tools may be needed; however, it is well worth remembering that most hardwood decks can withstand from twenty-five up to fifty years of use without having to be repaired or replaced. 

Many high traffic spots with decking, such as the Atlantic City Boardwalk, are made using hardwood decking.  This fact alone is a testament to its durability.

Naturally Resistant to Insect Attack

If you have had wooden decking before, you may know how important it is to keep insects out.  Insects such as termites can quickly make your wooden deck weak and shabby looking, but hardwood decking is naturally resistant to such insect infestation.  Hardwood decking is difficult to saw and requires the use of special tools so you can imagine how bugs would find it difficult to eat.

Resistant to Rot, Mold, and Decay

Wooden decks are also susceptible to mold, rot, and decay.  After years of rain and other harsh weather, a wooden deck can become warped, and the wood can become worthless.  A wooden deck must constantly be sanded, waterproofed, stained, and protected from such harsh weather.  Hardwood decking, on the other hand, is naturally resistant to such wear.  Being made from strong woods, such as oak, hardwood decks won’t wear out as quickly as normal wood and will keep looking great for many years.

Fire Resistant

It is important to note, also, that hardwood decking is more resistant to fire than normal wooden decks.  This is especially important when you consider that most people grill or barbecue on their decks.  With traditional decks, you usually have to apply additional fire retardant chemicals on the wood to keep it fire resistant, but with hardwood decking, the resistance to fire is natural. 

Saves Money in The Long Run

Hardwood decks generally cost more than traditional wooden decking. However, you’ll save much more money in the long run when you consider that you won’t have to buy paint, wood sealer, and other materials to keep your decking looking like new.  The time and money you’ll save far outweigh the additional amount it costs to install a new hardwood deck in your yard.  Your yard will look better, your guests will enjoy themselves more, and you will likely get compliments on how great your house is looking these days.








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