How To Build A Deck Like A Professional

Solve Your Decking Problems

If you want to build a high quality deck that looks like it has been built by a professional you need advice and tips from a professional deck builder. Fortunately, now you can get this advice and if you are planning to build your own deck you would be wise to take it.

"The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual” has recently been published to show you how to design and build new decking. The manual has been written by a decking builder for a decking builder. It is a blueprint for building your deck. In it you will find decking instructions with hundreds of tips, from simple plans to sophisticated projects to build wooden decking or composite decking.

The manual, which comes as an ebook, covers every stage of planning, designing, and building your own decking from start to finish. It is also filled with beautiful colour photos of completed decks to give you plenty of ideas for your decking project. There are detailed photographs and drawings of the various stages of building real decks for real customers. These diagrams show you exactly how to build your deck and the pitfalls to avoid.

Here is just some of what "The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual" covers:

  • Building wooden decking in hardwood, softwood, or composite
  • Preparing the chosen site for the decking
  • Building high decks or raised decks and decks with curves
  • The tools and equipment required to build professional decking
  • Building multi-level decks with patterned decking boards
  • How to support decking joists; when to use beams and posts
  • Building simple steps for decking projects
  • How to best attach the decking boards to the sub-frame
  • How to securely attach a sub-frame to prevent movement in the deck
  • How to design a deck that is attached to your house or free-standing
  • All types of garden, pool, and hot-tub decking
  • Available software to help in the design of your deck
  • Tips on spacing the joists for best performance and long-life for your decking
  • The best way to prevent weeds from growing beneath your deck

The decking tips, trade secrets, and information in “The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual” have come from dozens of decking builders with years of experience in the decking industry. It will help you to make huge savings on your garden decking project. You can take advantage of their practical building knowledge to design a timber deck around the key features of your home and garden to your own personal specifications.

Discover Trade Secrets of the Decking Professional

  • Planning the size and shape of your new deck dependent upon the location chosen to build.
  • Several chapters on decking design ideas with photographs.
  • Decking How to design and build shaped decking.
  • Available software to aid in the design of your new decking.
  • Decking How to prepare the chosen site for the decking.
  • Choosing the correct materials for the job.
  • How to order the correct amount of timber decking, screws, joist materials, beams, posts, concrete, membrane, etc.
  • Decking How to organise your site prior to building.
  • Tools required to build a professional deck.
  • Getting started with the positioning of your deck.
  • The secrets to building high decks.
  • Attaching your new deck securely to your house.
  • Lifting and levelling your new deck's framework. Squaring off your decking sub-frame.
  • Preparing and positioning of support post holes.
  • Building large decks with patterned decking boards
  • Whether to support your sub-frame with beams or not?
  • How to safely attach your sub-frame to support posts.
  • Attaching your sub-frame securely to the support posts.
  • Handy tips on spacing the support joists on your sub-frame.
  • Tips for building decks around your swimming pool.
  • How to build steps to you new decking.
  • How to attach newel posts to your decks sub-frame securely.
  • Producing your own style handrails or purchasing them ready made from the timber merchants.
  • Learn methods for cutting decking boards to fit.
  • How to attach your decking boards to your new sub-frame. Useful web links page.
  • Learn how to build a deck around a hot-tub and a swimming pool.
  • Learn how to build a Pergola.
  • How to prevent weeds from growing under your new decking (ever) - Member's Section.
  • How to clean your deck the professional way.
  • Building Gazebos on decking
  • How to maintain your decking for years to come.

Read the many glowing testimonials of people who have used this ebook to save themselves thousands when building their own deck the buy the ebook (it's only about $10!) by going to:

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