Pool Decking

Why Is Pool Decking So Popular?

Pool decking has to face different challenges and meet different needs than many of the other forms of decking.  These special characteristics highlight it as a particular kind of decking and make a special niche for it.

Special Purposes of Pool Decking

By the very nature of the environment that pool decking has to serve in, it has to meet certain challenges that the other forms of decking don’t.  Of primary importance is, of course safety, yet almost as important can be the durability of pool decking.

The safety cannot be over stated, and it becomes of even greater importance when you consider the raised nature of the decks around above ground pools.  For this reason, pool decking has to be textured for a no slip surface.  This is a special need when you consider the water that will obviously be splashing and a certain amount of running, no matter how many signs to the contrary you post.

Pool Decking - Meeting the Challenge

This splashing leads to the next special need of pool decking to resist the chemicals in the water.  This takes especially durable materials that can fight off the caustic properties of the chlorine that is the most popular pool additive.  It is also important not to underestimate the water itself. 

Water is known as the universal solvent, and its effect on wood is well known, causing rot and the fibers to separate.  It can also remove the texture that helps prevent slipping, so it is very important that the materials used in this type of decking be really able to resist the effects of water.

pool deckingThis ability to resist wear extends to all the things that the other materials meet as well, sometimes in greater strengths.  For instance, sunlight can really damage most decking materials, and pool decks tend to be more exposed than many decks, as a shade tree can really cause problems with the pool involved.  This actually extends to all weather conditions, from snow to the heat of summer, pool decking can be the most exposed form of decking, all the while having to protect the safety coating.

These are the features that set pool decking apart from the others, and adapt it to its particular use.  The important thing is that it be designed to be safe and to maintain that safety through years of use.

Above Ground Pool Decking

The popularity of above ground pools has made a special market for above ground pool decking to ease access to these raised pools. 








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