Redwood Decking

Redwood Decking - Favorite of the West

Redwood decking has been a favorite building material in the Western US for decades.  It is beautiful and long lasting, making it the perfect material for an outdoor deck. Redwood stays straight and flat, and it takes and holds finishes longer than other woods. Redwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay without the toxic chemicals found in treated woods.

Redwood Decking for Performance

The very characteristics that make redwood trees live for hundreds and hundreds of years are the characteristics that make redwood decking a favorite choice.  It is naturally fire resistant, naturally resistant to insects and to rot, and the wood is easy to work with and doesn’t warp.  It’s durable and beautiful, whether sealed to protect the rosy color or allowed to weather beautifully to a silvery color.

Redwood is a natural product and provides a safe surface for sunbathing and picnics without the presence of toxic chemicals. Chemical treatment protects only the outer portion of the wood, while the decay resistance of redwood heartwood is present throughout.

Redwood products are low maintenance and with proper installation, redwood decking will provide lasting enjoyment year after year.

Can Redwood Decking be Environmentally Sound?redwood boards

There are two ways to have a beautiful redwood deck without depleting old-growth forests.

FCS (Forest Council Stewardship) Certified redwood decking has been grown and harvested according to specific environmental standards.  FSC supports forest management that is environmentally friendly, while still harvesting and using forest products sensibly.  FCS products are certified in growing and processing, and you can trace an FSC product’s life backward to the land it was grown on.

The other way to have a redwood deck without depleting forest reserves is to use reclaimed redwood decking.  When wood is reclaimed, structures that are scheduled to be torn down are salvaged instead.  All metal is removed from the wood, and it is re-milled and re-planed. 

Because redwood decking is naturally resistant to rot and insects, it does not need to be chemically preserved.  Chemical preservatives in wood can leach into the ground and may be dangerous, especially for children and small animals.  That makes certified or reclaimed redwood an environmentally friendly wood to use in building a deck.

The cost of redwood decking has risen in recent years and the quality has gone down because of forest depletion.  More knots and holes are allowed in premium grade redwood than before because smaller trees are being harvested.  Redwood decking is still available, and it is still a good choice for an outdoor deck, but there are many new materials available e.g. composite decking, that look very much like redwood decking, but are less costly and have advantages over redwood. 

Choose real redwood decking and you’ll love your redwood deck.









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