Swimming Pool Decking

Swimming Pool - Dream Decking

Every in-ground pool has a surround or deck, which usually serves to protect the pool from the rest of the yard and the rest of the yard from the pool.  The right kind of swimming pool decking can add safety and beauty to your yard. Building and laying your own swimming pool decking can actually be a relatively straightforward DIY decking task.

Safety and Pool Decking

The main function of swimming pool decking is safety. It marks the swimming pool area to warn those involved in play or those just learning about boundaries of a potentially dangerous area. The decking area provides a foundation for a fence to keep young children out, a place to attach a ladder to help exit the pool, and a textured surface to guard against slipping.

The combination of sharp edges and horse play can be hazardous, but sharp edges are much easier to control. The swimming pool decking can be marked to separate shallow water from deep for the inexperienced swimmer.

Beautiful Decking

Modern materials for swimming pool decking can add color and texture to a pool of any shape. Stamped concrete can be imprinted to simulate the shape of many natural materials including stone, tile, and brick, and can be installed quickly and inexpensively. Concrete can also be dyed or painted any color and if required have bits of stone, rose quartz or rose gravel, mixed into the concrete.

Synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl can be used as alternatives to natural materials for a non-slip version of mosaic tile, waterproof “wood,” or just about any substance.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

How would your yard look with a lagoon-shaped pool surrounded by a multi-level faux stone and volcanic rock deck? Think about it, your swimming pool decking radiates out from the central focus of your yard – your pool. The swimming pool decking could include a natural looking waterfall and a spot for tiki torches and tropical foliage. Simulated cliffs would act as diving boards, while lights hidden in the new landscape make your pool an attraction for warm evenings. What looks like a small tidal pool is really a hot tub enclosed by flat “rock” accommodating drinks and plates.

Your Dream Pool

swimming pool deckingWell-designed swimming pool decking can also hide the mechanism creating a current to make your pool an endless swimming treat, or colored lights to make the pool glow from within. Today’s swimming pool decking materials can help you design a pool area limited only by your imagination. Will you put your imagination to work to design the swimming pool of your dreams?











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